Terminator Conversion - Wormy Librarian - part 1

I have started working on my Terminator Squad. I haven't come up with a name for the squad yet so this guy is going to go by wormy librarian until then. My general plan is to take an old Space Marine pewter Librarian and turn him into a Chaos Terminator.

First I am going to do a head swap but this is not just any old head swap. The model is pewter and the head is made down into the chest of the model. I tried filing the head off with a Dremel tool but I just couldn't get the angles right. I thought about trying a saber saw but figured I would run into the same problems there. I found my solution in a jewelers saw.

Since a jewelers saw has a real thin blade I was able to work it along the curvature of the armor behind the head. As you can see from the end results it did a very nice job.

The next installment will detail how I hollowed out an area for the new head.