Army Overview

I have decided to use the Extinction Angels chapter for my Chaos Space Marine army. I had already decided that I wanted to use purple for the main color of my army. I then started searching through the fallen chapters until I came across this one.

So far I have enough models to make one unit of regular Chaos Space Marines and enough to make one unit of Death Guard.

In order to keep track of things I have decided to name all my units. This will help me keep them straight when I post them on here as well as when I assemble my squads for playing. The first squad of rank-and-file troops will perform mostly as a meat shield. This unit will be known as squad caro alpha. Caro is apparently Latin for meat so I though it was fitting. The unit of Death Guard will be squad pustu.

The next item I plan on adding to my army will be a Rhino troop transport. I am looking forward to this as it will be only the second 40k vehicle I will have assembled.