Chaos Space Marines - A Beginning

We recently started playing the Warhammer 40k RPG - Dark Heresy. Our GM decided to paint up a few miniatures to represent our characters and he asked me if I had any of my 40k stuff from when we started to play a few years back. I dug around and came up with a few choice models. At the same time I also found about 20 Chaos Space Marines.

He seemed to be having a good time painting so I decided to pick it back up again as well. Before you knew it I was planning an army.

I have decided to chronicle the creation of my army. I will post pictures of the miniatures as I assemble and paint them. The twenty guys I found were already put together so that step is out of the way. I also have already painted quite a few of them so I will go ahead and put up some pictures of the finished product. But don't worry. I still have tons of guys left to go through.