How to take a picture of a miniature

I started trying to take some pictures of a few of my models earlier and ran into some problems. If I used the flash everything was too bright to see and if I didn't use it you couldn't really see anything.

I got around the flash issue by putting my painting light where I was taking the pictures and pointing it at the miniature. This did a better job but the pictures were still a bit too dark. I have been reading's forums for a while and I remembered seeing something about how to take pictures with a lamp so I went and looked it up. Basically you take your pictures with a lamp and then use photo editing software to fix the color levels.

Having read this I fired up the Gimp and went to work. I got the best results by first adjusting the color levels and then cropping and scaling the image.

In my next post I will publish a few of the photos I took and color corrected.