TauTauTau- Greater Knarloc

I'm in the middle of the Finals Gauntlet, as I like to call it. I'll make this short and sweet. First and foremost, I was very disappointed in the lack of people out there who challenged my claim of doubles dominancy. I'll say it again- Me and Eric are bringing home the WARGAMES con doubles. Any challengers, feel free to speak your piece.

I'm really sick of painting base coats, so I decided to give my greater knarloc a go. This is why I bought the model to begin with. I anticipated getting sick and tired of painting the same thing. So here is how I did it. Note- The model is NOT finished yet.

1. Primed grey with rustoleum car primer

2. basecoated with Army Painter bone primer (this stuff does not work as a primer on resin or metal, make sure you prime before using it on these models.)

3. Painted all claws and horn dealies bestial brown

4. Mouth is done in a blend of gore and blood red.

5. All of tribal stuff is done freehand using a blend of gore and blazing orange that I made for my kroot last year sometime.

6. Washed using a 1:1 mixture of devlan mud and water.

I haven't highlighted yet, but I figured I'd post what I have so far.

Here is a video for you to enjoy, courtesy of Dannato.