Grey Knights Rhino

Here is a shot of the Rhino I just finished up for Sweet E's Grey Knights.

he decided to go with a non-traditional color scheme for the army so I am using brass as the main color with red and bone for accents.

This model was really fun to paint. I have pretty much been given free reign on how to paint the army, so I am throwing every trick in the book at it. For this tank I decided to put a big X on top.

This actually ended up being pretty easy. I did it in two steps - I put Dow. Tape for one leg of the x. Sprayed it and let it dry, and the peeled off the tape and put down another layer for the second leg.

This was a fast and easy paintjob and it turned out looking pretty slick. I was worried about how it would turn out, but I just carried on with the plan and everything turned out just fine.