TauTauNid- Doom conversion, mycetic spore, and why I love dropping models

It's true. I've been dropping models just for giggles.

Me throwing a handful of gaunts.

There is just something about the models not breaking beyond repair that makes me happy. Crisis suits, why must you have those terrible chicken ankles?

Here are the conversions I did this week. For the doom, I sawed a zhropes head off, green stuffed it back on in an upright pose. Then, I sawed off the mouth of a carnifex, sawed off the zhropes mouth, and attached the carnifex one. I greenstuffed a tail, and it was done.

I went over how I did the spore last week. Here is the end result.

Finished Hive Tyrant.

Here are my Tervigon conversions. To give credit where it is due, Verminlord got me started on these. I just added more greenstuff and put some gaunts in the midst of it.

Here is a video. It's not funny. It's actually quite sad. But I think it's pretty amazing, and both dogs ended up getting adopted.