[Malifaux] Cheating Fate

Back again to finish off the Malifaux Strategery!

You divide the table into quarters and want to wind up with your forces in more quarters of the board than your opponent.
Fairly straightforward here. I generally find best success in clustering towards the centre and then blitzing outward in the final turns.
Complimentary schemes: Breakthrough, Hold Out, Stake a Claim

The ole favorite. Take a total of every kill, the higher margin you kill over what your opponent kills the higher the Vps you wind up with.
Obviously, I suggest you pick a strong kill theme (melee, gunline, or spell drowning) and just put the hurt out. Pick the hardest and hardiest to help you tally up.
Complimentary schemes: It'll depend on the build you take for Slaughter, but I enjoy Assassination, Extermination, Grudge.

-Supply Wagon
You place a marker into your deployment zone and it moves up every turn with your crew. You want to get it to the middle of the table.
This is another tricky one. The opponent has a pretty low bar here to chip Veeps off you, so I recommend trying to shield wall around the supply wagon as they have to hit in melee.
Complimentary schemes: I like to load up on whatever I can to secure Veeps easily. I generally focus on loading up my points instead of denying the opponent's.

-Treasure Hunt
Another classic. Put a 30mm right in the middle of the board and try to get it back to your deployment zone.
Speed is key. Try to get to the marker as fast as possible so your opponent doesn't have a good counter set up. This has been FAQ'd/updated heavily from the earliest days, so a lot of the old tricks don't work. I usually shoot for fast models or long walk ranges.
Complimentary schemes: Hold Out is the best bet as it just requires you to get your models home.

-Turf War
Get more models on their side of the board than they have on your half.
Another fun one. I find melee to be strong her as you're having to push guts deep. I recommend a refused flank if you don't have a large amount of fight in your crew. Move up slowly and take models off your opponent as you can.
Complimentary Schemes: Extermination, Grudge, Stake a Claim, Breakthrough

Hope you guys enjoy my .02 on the width and breadth of the Malifaux schemes. Next week: who knows!?