My Love-Hate Relationship with Space Marine Bikes

One of my Ravenwing Bikers

For whatever reason I can just not get a handle on Space Marine bikes. I have been running a Dark Angels list for a few months now that has 5 units of Terminators and 3x3 units of bikes with 2 assault bikes. Every single game I have played the bikes have just disappointed me.

I think what it comes down to is I am just not playing them right. Scratch that, I know I am not playing them right - I run them forward to engage the enemy throwing them away for minor gains - the problem is I do this every single time. I am like the chimp who keeps pressing the button that shocks him. Even though I know what I am doing wrong and refuse to change it, I keep blaming it on the bikes.

I I am just wanting them to do too much. These units should be used for popping tanks and harassing units at range. If you can keep yourself doing that with them you should have better luck with them than just blindly charging them forward.

In order for them to work like I want I would really have to change them up. For starters I would need to take the Master of the Ravenwing and take an upgraded bike unit and tool them up. They would need the +1 attack banner, an apothecary, and be at least 6 bikes strong. This unit would then put out an impressive amount of attacks on the charge and would actually be really resilient - T5 with FNP is nothing to sneeze at.

I think at this point I am going to start testing out using the Master of the Ravenwing with a single big unit of bikes and see how that works out for me.