Eldar Painting Update

Made some good progress on the space elves last couple weeks and thought I would share.  Eldrad got a face lift since his paint job was circa 1999.  Didn't go with the traditional black on yellow as it doesn't fit my color scheme.  You may notice he is sporting sword and pistol.  Something I did when I got the model thinking I would him as just a regular farseer.

The next chap is the military brains of the operation.  The Autarch comes with several options so I ended up magnetizing his back to be able to configure him as needed (wings, warp jump, or banners).  Here he is with banner poles.  I'm still up in the air about putting something on the banners and maybe some trim around the bottom of his robe.  I think he needs some more style, but it hasn't hit me just yet as to what that may be

Lastly, we have some fire dragons.  I kept with the traditional color scheme but added in some purple to tie them in with the rest of the army.  I have a second unit of fire dragons in my roster, but they like many of my Eldar, are also circa 1999.  I thought they would be fine as is, but when I put them side by side, the paint job was showing it's age.  Yikes!  It may have been ok back in 1999, but you tend to get better at painting the more you do it.  So they are taking a bath in some Simple Green for about a week and will be repainted to today's standards.  My Striking Scorpions may end up with the same fate.  I hadn't intended to repaint all my models, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

Next up will be Dire Avengers, War Walkers (I know what I said before about their fragility, but I want them painted up just in case I change my mind), more fire dragons, and most likely the Striking Scorpions.  Yep, got some work to do this month.