I only thought I was done

Well it looks like I'm not done painting for the Independence day massacre after all. I've been trying to get a longtime friend and fellow fantasy player to come to the darkside and play in the IDM for a few months now and last week he finally called my bluff. I offered him my blood angels army for the event which I've been feverishly assembling for the last few days

Here is my current progress Stormraven, Libby dread, Multi-melta dread, a unit of 10 assault marines, two units of 6 assault marines and 5 Scouts.

I actually had the Libby dread Laying around from the previous incarnation of the army ( Read razor spam is boring) Probably one of the better conversions I've done to date
Still to build I have 1 Stormraven, Dante, 1 Sanguinary priest and 2 x5 Vanguard Vets.

See you next week,