Hobby Shop Update

It has been an interesting few months at my hobby shop that I run on the weekends. April saw the release of the Grey Knights and with it my first month that the shop wasn't running in the red. To celebrate this momentous occasion I decided to do something stupid - I am moving my shop.

It almost doesn't count as a move as it is just next door to where it currently is, but it is a move none the less. The new place will give me about 8 more feet of width and this will allow me to fit in three tables lengthwise by three deep so that I will now be able to hold events for up to 18 people. I had held off on holding any events because my old shop was just too small to fit any amount of people in there comfortably.

As with anything relating to a business, the move is costing money. So far I am not out too much since I already had all my fixtures and the product, but I am putting down a new layer of paint on one wall and that cost quickly spirals up - paint (duh), rollers, tape, drop cloth, cleaner, etc... it just goes on and on.

I will be sure to post some pictures once the move is down, so far there is just crap everywhere and you can't really tell what is going on. I am planning on getting the wall painted and the shelves all up today so we will see how that goes.