Wrapping up the weekend.

It's been an amazing weekend here at Adepticon. I can see why there is a huge draw to come to this event every year. With 40k being the big game of the weekend, I spent a lot of time in the main hall watching some games and looking at the armies. I did not get a lot of pictures because my phone got locked into my car most of Friday.

A Few Pics i did get on Friday:

And Saturday:

To wrap up, I'm going to be heading back to NWA early tomarrow around noon. It's not that I wouldn't love to stick around and get a few more demo's in, but I dread the ten hour drive. I did get some of my personal goals done this weekend. I got to see A LOT of cool painted armies, and met with some of the boota's from 40k radio's Freeboota forums(Mighty Tim, Darksheer, Brother Grimm, and Maldus.) I also got to meet Menoth-John from Lost Hemisphere, Raphe and Craig from the D6g, Romeo from Battlefoam/40k radio, and the guys from RHQ-TV. I even got a couple of demo games in.

Next year, if we can get a small caravan to come up I'll definitely be interested in coming back. The entire trip has been an amazing.