Privateer Press Hordes - Minion War Hog

Ever since Warmachine and Hordes came out there was never a faction or model that just made me want to play. I kept looking at the models every so often to see if anything 'sang' to me, and nothing ever did - until the War Hog. The second I saw this model I knew I had to have it. I didn't know if I was going to collect a force or play, but I wanted this model and I wanted it bad.

My Finished War Hog

Apparently several other people felt this way as it took me about a month and a half to find this guy at a proper price. Once I got the model it was all worth while. Once I got this guy in I didn't jump right into it. I took it out, looked at it, and shelved it for about a month while I worked on other projects. Finally when I had a lull I started putting this guy together.

Some of the Privateer Press models are notioursly bad to put togheter, but this guy went together like a breeze. They did a really good job of hinding the parts where it fits together by using the stitches - this guy fit together just like a puzzle.

Once he was assembled I only had to fill one gap with green stuff - his hair - so that was a piece of cake. Once he was together I set him aside again and waited a while to paint him.

Once I started the painting process I knocked this guy out in about three days. I primed him black, put down Tallarn Flesh as the base coat, filled the stitches with Scab Red, painted the flesh around the stitches with pink, picked out the metal and cloth, and then washed the skin and cloth with Ogryn Flesh. This was perfect for the Cloth, but the skin was a bit red. I then went back over the skin with Devlan Mud and this darkened it up nicely. I then washed the metal with Badab Black and started highlighting the skin.

I put more time into this guy than I normally do because it is such a cool model. I was very happy with the results and have actually picked up a second one and am planning to build a full Hog Minion gang for Hordes. Hopefully here in a month or two I will have enough put together and painted to get a game or two in.