TauTauTau- Armies First Tourny

Yes, it is going to be a proud day. My Forgeworld Tau will finially make an appearence on the table at Meta Gaming in Springfield this Saturday. I hate the list I'm taking...I got nervous and emailed it to him before I had time to really mull it over. It's all good though, I am really looking forward to some competitive games. The tournement is supposed to have 24 players, which is a fairly large crowd. I am the only Tau player. Go figure.

For full paint for the event, you have to have one completely based and painted model in the heavy/elite/or fast slot. So, I decided to finish up my hammerhead. Here are some pictures. Yes, that is my completed thesis lying under it. And yes, those are dollar bills that I made stripping.

I'm replacing unit of the week with a new peice. This will now be my BDIXHAMMER breakdown. I have come up with a system to analyze the point by point significance of each model in a Tau list. It is based on mathhammer, but it's better because the statistics have true meaning, and because I did it........................

Anyway, I'll start next week with my offensive breakdown. The following week will be defensive capabilties, and the last week of this section will be how it all ties together. I would start this week, but I was lazy and didn't crunch out all the numbers I needed.

Here is a video of Will Ferrell and John C. Reiley ruining the Dark Knight.