Riddle Me This - Episode V Rules Quiz

The Setup:
​It is a tournament game and you have maneuvered your  Vulkan Hestan force to within striking range of the enemy Ultra Smurf Tactical Squad that has foolishly abandoned their defensive position and is making for a wide open objective.

The Situation:
​With a great manly shout, and a hearty thumping of your chest, you declare that you will be assaulting the enemy unit with your 5 man terminator assault squad – all armed with thunder hammer and storm shield.  You check range and you are within the 6” assault range.  The enemy unit has a sergeant with a powerfist, 7 models with bolter and bolt pistol, a model with a melta gun and pistol, and a missile launcher and pistol.

The Riddle:
​Can you list all the necessary rolls that will be needed to be made by both sides?  In the correct order?  Citing any special rules or procedures that may need to be taken into account and how they should be handled?  (Be careful here, there is a common rules misconception at the root of this riddle – bonus points if you can identify it!)