A Little Something Classy

Here is one of the test models that I painted up recently -

This guy is going in my and Jester's doubles list for Wargames Con. As far as what is in the list that is still being hammered out. So far we know that Jester is bringing some Eldar and I am going to be bringing some Codex Space Marines.

Since his Eldar are blue with pink highlights I decided to paint up my 1000 points to match his. Thus - a Space Marine Terminator that is pink with blue shoulderpads. This guy started out looking ROUGH. I had painted the powerfist and bolter green and it just looked awful. The pink was also a much brighter pink color and man did it just clash all over the place.

I toned down the pink with some red wash and then painted the weapons black and highlighted them with grey and all of a sudden the model didn't look horrible. I'm not saying this guy looks awesome, but I do think I pulled off the color scheme in about as good a way as I am capable - I usually paint dark and grimy color schemes so this was very much a departure from my normal style.

I have already moved on to some of the actual models that will be going in the army so I will post those up as soon as I can - they turned out better than this guy for what it's worth.