Nurgle's Sweet (if Slightly "Damp") Embrace

One of my favorite units in my army is my Nurgle Daemon Prince. He's actually the first unit I bought for the army, and I've been painting him off and on ever since. For some reason, I haven't spent any concentrated amount of time working on him, but this week I finally got around to wrapping him up. I like his pose as it looks like he's daring you to take a shot, and for some reason him straddling the swamp makes me happy.

From a play standpoint, he's one of my most useful units. He has a pretty hefty price tag with Mark of Nurgle, wings, cloud of flies, noxious touch, breath of chaos, and iron hide, but I find him almost as deadly in close combat as my Greater Daemon. If I drop him with my GD, he's generally a secondary target for my opponent, which is understandable, but he can wreak nearly as much havoc. He only has one fewer attack than a Bloodthirster, and he wounds on a 2+, typically with a re-roll. I know he's probably not optimized, but he frequently does something really cool.

Last night, I was playing Sweet E and his Grey Knights. My Bloodthirster got blown off the board on the first turn, but I dropped the Nurgle Prince a bit later. I had managed to pop a few vehicles and tie up some of the shootier elements, so my Prince was able to get stuck in. He wiped a Techmarine and his troop of Death Cult assassins using Breath and general butt-kicking skills. Then he got charged by a unit of Purifiers. Their shooting bounced off his T6. They charged, and their Psychotrokes caused him to swing at I1, which didn't really matter considering the Halberds. He was wounded three times, made his 3 Ld tests (stupid Nemesis weapons), and proceeded to put down 3 of the uppity jerks. The next turn, bottom of 5, they put him to the blade, but he had stalled them long enough that my one remaining fiend was able to Hit and Run out of combat with another unit of Purifiers, contest an objective, and allow me to win the game.

I just thought I'd share some pictures and a few of his recent exploits.