Back To Basics - Painting Tools for the Beginner

Time to go over some of the basics. I have had a few people stopping by my shop here lately wanting to get into painting. Below are the tools of the trade for a new painter.

Rust-Oleum Dark Grey Automobile Primer
This is my primer of choice. It is a very dark grey color - almost black. It goes on smooth to plastic, metal, or resin. I have never had any problems with it being furry and any cracking or running problems have been solved by just spraying some more on the model. This stuff is about $4 a can.

Citadel Large Drybrush
The next tool a beginner needs is a good drybrush. The large drybrush from Games Workshop is the best one I have found. This brush is great for putting down a base coat roughly, for doing large metal areas, and for lightening up a model with a light dusting of grey or white. With a bit of care this brush can last well over a year - I am actually still on my first one.

Citadel Large Brush
This is my go-to brush. I can paint entire models with just this brush. From basic dry-brushing to base coating to blending this brush can do it all.

Citadel Wash Brush
This brush is what brings it all together for the new or beginning painter. You spray your model black, pick out a few colors with your large brush, and then drown the model in Badab Black or Devlan Mud. This brush makes the wash go on quickly, evenly, and effortlessly.

Testors Dullcote
Bringing it all together is the Dullcote. This is the best matte sealer I have ever used. It has never fogged on me and will take the shine down from a heavy wash or even dip all the way to nothing.

Now that you know what tools you need it's time to get to painting. Check out one of our video tutorials and get your brush wet.