[Malifaux] Cheating Fate

Back again to deliver some Malifaux goodness to your dark doorstep! Lets get back and looking at strategies and some general tactica for them.

-Destroy the Evidence.
You place one objective marker inside your opponents DP and two just outside of it. The Lilith/LCB Sex Tape cannot fall into the Guild's hands! Seriously. It's disgusting. This is another great strategy for control oriented players as you can really dictate your opponent's deployment here. I like to split my force into two halves and break them in separate angles towards the objectives. This requires your opponent to split their forces while giving you a pincer against them. I'm devious and sneaky, I know.
Complementary Schemes: Breakthrough, Stake a Claim

Keep your opponent's leader's out of your Deployment Zone for half points or keep them off your half of the table for full points.
This is another hit or miss strategy because you could draw this with a non-killy master. I like to set up for a kamikaze run at their Master in smaller point games as generally no extra leaders are brought. The best way to ensure they aren't in your half of the table is to make sure they're a corpse counter, gathering dirt!
Complementary Schemes: Assassinate, Breakthrough & Stake a Claim (they will be so occupied with getting to your side of the board that you should be able to slide a singular harasser behind them ).

-Escape and Survive
Keep your crew alive and get them away from your deployment zone.
This is a tricky strategy. I've draw it a few times and it causes head scratching every time. My favorite technique is to load a flank and treat the opponent like you are ignoring them completely. This usually causes a slight shift in their tactics (especially if you deploy second) and it will draw a few models across the board towards you. This will hopefully allow you to pick off a few early aggressors and limit the amount of fire coming at you. Obscuring terrain, walls, and cover are your friends in this scenario. Don't be ashamed to cover hop!
Complementary Schemes: Bodyguard, Stake a claim. You're heading to their end of the table, do it in style.

-Plant the Evidence
Any model in your crew can take an Interact(1) to plant evidence on a terrain feature. Plant on four features in your opponent's half of the table or two in their deployment zone for full points.
Fairly straightforward, but this is a key strategy for showing why you need lots of terrain in a Mali game! I think this is another strategy that favors cover hopping, terrain ignoring models, and putting bodies upfield.
Complementary Schemes: Breakthrough, Reclaim Malifaux (Neverborn), Stake a Claim

Enjoy! I'll back next week to round us out.