He just wants to say, "Hi!" Now, shake hands...

Well, for several weeks I've been working on my Greater Daemon, an amalgamation of the Arachnarok Spider and a Daemon Prince. I still have a few touch-ups to do, but I'm pretty much finished. I thought I'd put up some pictures. I'm pretty proud of it. I think the modeling is relatively smooth, especially considering modeling is not my thing. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how well the Plague Engine from the Skaven worked as an almost preposterously large weapon.

I had to put the model on a Valkyrie base due to its size, which will give me some issues from a Deep Striking standpoint, but sometimes you have to sacrifice playability for sheer awesomeness. I decided to use the tree base that came with the Arachnarok, and that fricking thing is almost the equivalent of two or three more models, painting-wise! The tree itself was pretty easy, but the two goblins (which I painted red to look like captured daemons) and the multitude of skulls at various levels of decay became a bit tedious. Finally, I added the swamp basing I am using. I added a few pieces of foam and cork-board to elevate the front of the model because the Plague Engine covers the entirety of the front of the model. Then I called it a day. I still plan on adding a corpse or two to the base, slowly sinking into the swamp and all that.

Well, that's all for today.