Rumor Roundup - Tau, Necrons, and Squats?

Ok. This one is a doozie. Over at DakkaDakka there is a thread that throws out a couple of really big rumors -

  • Necrons are being pushed back due to a printing problem
  • Tau will take the Necron's place
  • Squats will be in as auxillaries and there will be a Squat HQ

Whoo boy. Where to start. This is the first I have heard of a printing problem pushing the Necrons back. I will have to look around and see if I can find anyone else backing this up.

*IF* there is a printing issue I can definitaley see Tau taking the Necron slot. They are currently the second best guess as to what the next 40k army will be.

As far as there being Squats in the codex, I say sure. Why not. We have just seen the return of the Jokaero so it seems that Games Workshop is bringing out some old school. It seems to me that the Squats would fit right in to the whole alien auxillary theme that the Tau have going on. I really hope this one turns out to be true.

The part about the Squat HQ seems a bit far fetched as we don't have a Kroot or Vespid HQ. The Krrot do have the shaper upgrade guy, so maybe that is what the Squats will be getting.

Over on the Fantasy front we have a bit more info on the Tomb Kings starting to trickle in -

From DeathlessDraich at Warseer -

1) Points changes - small changes. Ushabti and skellies down and Scorpion up
SSC, TG; - up and down - up because of the upgrades?

2) Icon bearer is gone or Icon bearer has a new name; More than 1 character can be the BSB?

3) Tomb Swarms - not Core and not 0-1; same stats? Unit size restrictions removed

4) Carrion are 4 , 4 stats? TG have an improved AS?

5) Roc - yes, as in Sinbad! T5 or S5 - a Champ upgrade to Carrion or new mount or both?

6) Undead rules basically unchanged - Hierophant rules have a modification?

7) TK magic: New spell/s or is that the lore attribute? 6 spells? Ability to cast same spells several times like VC?? TK generates dispel dice - like Arch Lector; TK is not a Wizard but can cast Incantations or cast Incantations that cannot be dispelled?

8) No Heavy Horsemen but Heavy cavalry?! Flying cavalry? Chariot that can fly or Impact hits from something unusual??

9) Banner of Undying and Banner of hidden ... still exist but better or with a sting in the tail. More than 8 magic items unlike O&G.
No Hieratic Jar?!

10) 2 new units as mentioned before.

And a few more for good measure -

phantomtie wrote:Not sure how you guys would take this and I think I may have listed this before but what I was told is

1.) The old skeletons are staying as archers and that’s it just archers because they have no armor.

2.) I was also told that if you want archers buy them now because the price is going to like double (before anyone jumps in and starts talking trash about the GW guys trying to sell me stuff don’t. I was told this because the manager at the shop I go to knows I have 60 archers in my current army and don’t need any more so he was talking me out of buying the current troop box not into it).

3.) Now this I don’t know about but this is the current breakdown for the army according to my source the tomb king army will play like an empire army IE professional think archers, troops, greatsword like guys, calvary and this one I was surprised by “skirmishers”. When I say professional think old school infantry not pushovers charge reactions are in we will be getting infantry that can fight.

4.) Lastly not sure how the construct thing is working out but from the sounds of things and my guy doesn’t know but it sounds like all that stuff is landing in the second wave and that you can build an almost all construct list and that we will have a bunch of new choices but may need to do a lot of conversion if we want to field the new army in May. : (

I will finish with this and it’s as good a quote as I can muster.

“It sounds like tomb kings are the way things are going from now on with lots of supper cool stuff coming out over a really long time that way you will always have new stuff coming out to buy and paint”

Not sure if that’s a good thing or not?

PS he made it sound like 4 – 5 waves.

sasheep wrote:Was speaking to one friend who seems to be pretty reliable with release info and he told me a few things about the new releases (though i would take this waith a fair bit of salt)

1) First thing he said was buy the battalion, everything will have its use in the new book and the new one will be pricey =/
2) There will be TG and a sphinx
3) There may be more than one type of sphinx and possible more than one size (maybe cavalry of sorts?? He seemed vague on the last bit so I'm not too sure). Also said one might be a character mount (the large type i mean).
4) There is going to be new constructs. Ushabti are being kept but there will be a new type of unit that are statue-like. There will also be models coming in plastic for these guys (may explain why ushabti aren't getting any?)
5) The priests will be getting a barge made of bone (with possible CoS upgrade?)

I'm taking this a fair bit of salt, though he has got things right in the past like DE and a few grey knight things sooo *shrugs*

One final thing, he told me the main rule book hints at new things for all the armies in the fluff section...? If the Boat and statue constructs are right then he may have a good bit of advice

This is all still pretty rough, but I am sure there is quite a bit of truth in there. As we get closer to release I am sure it will all come together.