Cheating Fate - cobblestone bases

So last week I diverged from painting/modeling for a review of the new Rules Manual from Wyrd. This week i'm back to the grind(cobble)stone.

I decided for my Colette crew that I wanted to use something other than a standard 30mm w/ gravel and flock. I mean these are smuggling hooker performers - they aren't just going to be standing around in a field of drybrushed sand and static flock!

I searched high and low for resin bases and finally found a set that I though worked well for my newest arcanist crew - Dragonforge's Cobblestone bases.

Shipping was a little slow, but the bases arrived in excellent condition and required almost no attention prior to painting.

For the bases, I wanted to use a simple scheme so I drybrushed the stone with Mechrite Red and then washed it with Devlan Mud. For the 'rubble' sections I used Deneb Stone with a similar coat of Devlan.

Here is the total set after I finished them off:

Great details on the bases, but not enough that if feels like the bases detract from the models.

And here is my first finished model (a dove) on a completed base. To attach, I just used a 1mm bit and some paperclips for extra security.

Enjoy! One of these days I will get to my Guild (promise).