Riddle Me This! - Rules Quiz Episode II

The Setup:
You are facing a mechanized Blood Angels force.  He has only assault squads in rhinos and none with jump packs.  The deployment is dawn of war and he will be taking the first turn.

The Situation:
You were expecting him to Turbo Charge move a single rhino and assault squad unit into your lines to have a second turn assault after the single unit in rhino deployed at the half way point of the board. But, instead your opponent does something else more crafty. After some poor shooting on your first turn, he gets not one but two full units of assault squads to assault you on the second turn. You even held all your troops back and did not advance them more than 12" total (edited for number typo) onto the table from your edge.

The Riddle:  What crafty deployment and/or movement makes this happen?