Battle for the Throne - Worst Model Ever - Warriors of Chaos Hellcannon

Long ago you might remember my rant on the worst model I have ever assembled - the Gnoblar Scraplauncher. Since then it has reigned supreme as the single worst model I have ever had to put together. I have even assembled a second one since the first and it was equally as annoying.

When Capn' Woodrow bought a Hellcannon I knew I had to put it together for it too has a reputation of being an absolutely horrible model to put together. He happily agreed when I asked to do it - he knew how bad it was going to be - and I set out on my fools errand.

The first (and really only major) problem with this kit is the cannon barrel. It doesn't fit together. When you fit the two pieces together there is about a 1.5cm gap at both ends. Both pieces are curved. This thing is hella thick too so you can't bend it with your hands. Know what I did? I hit that $@#$%# with a hammer. Thats right - hammer. I put a piece of rag over it to keep it from marring the details and I bent it back into shape. After that and a bit of trimming it fit together like below -

There is still going to be some pretty major green stuff work on it as there is now about a 1/2cm gap to deal with, but it is much better than it was.

From here the build wasn't that bad. You just had to figure out where everything went but it wasn't to big of a deal. Everything has a place and it makes sense when you put it there.  Below is the shot with the side rails and the first wheel/cog put on.

And here is a shot of the front of the beast. At this point it is really far along. All that has to be done to it is put the remaining wheels on, the beast snout for the cannon, and then the tie downs - which will have to wait for a base as they would fall off if not based.

This model is a pain to put together, but really on the warping makes it a pain. All in all it wasn't that bad and the Scraplauncher remains king of horrible models to assemble. I am now off to find my next awful to assemble model - I hear rumors the Eldar Fire Prism is pretty bad for a plastic kit so I might have to take a look at one of those.