Rumor Roundup - Finally Some Tomb Kings Info

Here are a few tidbits I have scoured from the internet about the Tomb Kings -

From Warseer -

Each unit will get the normal unit command and the option to take a lesser priest as another command that can cast specific spells on his unit.They are getting their own normal magic lore that will be Sun based. The big spell is a blackening of the sun which will cause charging issues maybe only a d6 instead of 2, a negative to leadership across the board, negatives to shooting both ballistic skill style and war machines similar to the stormbanner.Don't know if its been put up yet but a chariot type in each section, core special and rare.Theres more but i can't remember all of it at this point.

I heard that the incantations get to be a regular lore. I heard aswell that the refilling of units might be a passive bonus to each succesfull spell cast.
I've been told that one of the new incantations passes the bearers WS to a friendly unit. (especially good when combined with WS10 swords).

We also have a shot of the Warhammer Forge Show Only Model -