New Dark Eldar Models Up For Pre-Order

Wow, talk about a busy few months. This month saw the Storm Raven and new Dreadnaught kit for Blood Angles, March has a new release for Orcs and Goblins, April sees the Grey Knights Drop, and in May the Tomb Kings are being put out. Just to throw more fuel on the fire today Games Workshop put up the second wave of Dark Eldar models - and boy do they looks slick.

I am absolutely digging these models. I can see the Clawed Fiend and Chymera's getting some double duty by being used for other armies - especially over into fantasy. The Beast Master just looks fugly - but a good fugly! I love his head. The Succubus has got to be my favorite model they have put out for the Dark Eldar - finally a female model without Catachan arms.

This does a really nice job of rounding out a few more options in the Dark Eldar codex, but a few key models are still missing. I can't wait for the Voidraven Bomber kit and the Scourges - maybe we will get these models in the "Summer of Flyers" that keeps popping up.