Friday Kegger of Knowledge at TauTauTau

Bdix here. I ill be posting this blog every Friday for the next X amount of days. I recently sold my entire Tau army in order to fund an entirely Forgeworld Tau army. This blog will be devoted to two things: Chronicling the progression as I paint and assemble my army, and a small section regarding tactics of the Tau army. Each week will have a new unit being highlighted.
Here are the contents of this project:

9 forgeworld suits
1 forgeworld commander
4 forgeworld pirahnas
6 forgeworld broadsides
1 great knarloc
30+ kroots and 10 hounds (mostly painted already)
6 firewarriors to base
1 Hammerhead
1 Devilfish
40 small lava bases
20 medium sized bases
1 large base

So, to start things off this week I have been painting up some resin bases for my new army. I purchased them from Dark Arts Miniatures in the UK, and they are pretty sweet. My army is going to be yellow with secondary oranges and reds mixed in, and the bases are lava themed. These were my first resin models to work with, and it was kind of a pain to start out. I washed them all up with soap and warm water, and primed them with Skull White primer from GW (I know I'll get flamed for using GW primer, but oh well, I like it!). Here are some pictures of the first 10 I have been working on for my Kroot. They are still in the basecoat stage, but I figured I'd post to give an idea. The bases are based chaos black and sunburst yellow. One base has fiery orange blended in. More to come next week.

Unit of the Week- Gun Drones
Let me start by saying that I absolutely love these things now. I don't care that they are worth a KP on vehicles anymore. Last tournament they were the MVP for me. They took down a demon prince, and gave the final blow to an avatar. But that's beside the point. They are the best unit you have in a Tau army as far as shielding goes. I'm going to be brief, so here are the two situations in which I find them the most useful. Note that these DO NOT apply to KP games. Situation 1: Opponent is deepstriking a ton of stuff. You take all the gun drones off your vehicles and spread them out in areas you dont want your opponent to have access to. Easy block. Situation 2: Say you have 6 suits in an area. You swarm your gun drones all around them in a circle. As you make an exit to the opposite side, position the drones in a wall effectively blocking an basic movement troop from following. Also note here that you want to alternate gun drones from different units of 2 here. Otherwise, your opponent can just kill 1 unit and pursue you. In KP games, take them off vehicles and hide in cover somewhere in your kill zone. Maybe your opponent will be stupid enough to go for them.

Also, here is this.