New 40k FAQs Are Up

There are some new 40k FAQs up. This batch is quite a doozy. Firt off, all the outdated Marine chapters got brought in line with the new wargear - Black Templar and Dark Angels now get 3++ Storm Shields, new smoke launchers, proper cyclone launchers, the updated Power of the Machine Spirit, and pretty much everything else. This is a huge change.

GW also released a FAQ for the Dark Eldar. It looks to have a couple of clarifications as well as a few big items -

Q: When a unit comprised of some models with Power
from Pain and some without has a pain token, does the
effect it gives apply to every model in the unit or just to the
models with the Power from Pain special rule? (p25)
A: It only applies to the models with the Power from Pain
special rule

Wow. They actually managed to make ruling on a major question that people had. Look at that. I'm impressed.

Here is another little gem -

Q: A void mine is used in the Movement phase. How does
this effect what weapons can be fired by the Voidraven
Bomber in the Shooting phase? (p47)
A: The void mine does not count towards the number of
weapons a Voidraven Bomber can fire that turn 

That kind of goes against the rulebook and makes this unit a bit better.

A few other FAQs were updated but nothing major. Two Frost Weapons don't give +2 Strength, there was some clarification on Drop Pods and Razorbacks that wasn't really needed, and a few minor parts about special characters that I had never seen come up before.

All in all this was a very big day for FAQs, I love that they brought the equipment in line - this will give new life to the Dark Angels and Black Templars that they sorely needed.