Las Vegas Throne of Skulls Info Sent Out

Games Workshop has sent out the info for this years Throne of Skulls GT in Las Vegas. We had a couple members who placed high enough in qualifying events to qualify for this event and I thought I would pass along the info that was sent out -

As a top finisher in one of the events held under the 2010-2011 Games Workshop Tournament Circuit, you have earned a spot at our Throne of Skulls Tournament, which will be held June 17th - 19th at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas , NV . 
Travel arrangements to and from the event and lodging will be up to you, but we have reserved a block of rooms in the Tropicana at a discounted rate of $55 for Thursday and Sunday night, and $89 for Friday and Saturday night. Hotel reservation info can be found at the bottom of this email. 

On to the Tournament itself! Below are just some of the exciting events and activities we have planned for you. See the attached document for extensive information about these events, the rules and more!

• A two day, 5 round, tournament on the Strip of Fabulous Las Vegas!

• Top notch terrain in the form of beautifully painted Realm of Battle Boards and Citadel Scenery
• A Team Challenge sub contest that gets you and others working collaboratively towards an exclusive prize
• Scenario Gaming into the wee hours as we keep the gaming hall open until 2am on Friday and Saturday!
• A Hero Painting Competition to see who has the best looking Army General
• An all-materials-provided, Conversion Contest with prizes for the both the best built, and best painted creations 
• The return of the ever-popular Games Workshop Pub Quiz with drink specials ongoing
• An opportunity to meet and challenge the best Games Workshop players in North America !
• Extensive online and printed coverage of the event, the great looking armies, and all the winners 
• Loads of prizes, memories, and fun to be had!

There was also a pdf sent out that has some more info in it that you can check out here. It looks like it will be a pretty neat event but at the same time is going to be a completely different beast than you are used to. For starters it is 1500 points for 40k. It also uses the Throne of Skulls scoring rules and those are different than any other tournament that I have been to. You also have to look at who you are going to be playing - other top notch players.

I think this would be a very INTENSE event to play in - not really my cup of tea - but would probably make for some very memorable games. As of now none of the Hogs that qualified are locked down for sure on going, but I will be sure to keep you updated if any of us do attend.