New Dark Eldar, Incoming Skaven

This previous weekend I received a preview copy of the new Dark Eldar Codex, Warriors, Reavers, and Raider. My first instinct was to delve into the codex. At this point pretty much everything is known about the codex, but it really doesn't sink in until I can hold the book and read it for myself.

I have to say that I am pretty impressed. The codex is full of interesting fluff, gorgeous art work, and some really nice rules. I haven't had time to really devour it yet, but so far I like what I see in the rules department. There are a host of new and interesting units, and all the old ones got brought up to date. The things that really stood out for me were the Reaver Jet Bikes, and the new bomber and fighter.

The Jetbikes are FAST. They can turbo boost up to 36". For every three models you can take special weapon (Heat Lance or Blaster, maybe another option but those are the big two) and you can take one Arena Champion who has a few different options.

The bomber and fighter also look really nice. They each have access to some weapons that really don't have a counterpart in any other army (the Implosion Missile looks really neat - you take a Wounds characteristet test and are removed from play if you fail - it looks like this bypasses Eternal Warrior.)

One unit that kind of baffles me is the inclusion of the Harlequins. I really like this from a fluff and hobby standpoint, but I just can't figure out what role they will fill. Harlequins are close combat monsters - but so are half the troops in the Dark Eldar army.

These models have been a blast to put together. I started with the Reavers and was just blown away at how nicely they went together. There were lots of recessed pieces and everything had a very smooth, almost organic feel to it. The lines on the bikes are just amazing.

Once the bikes were done I started on the Raider. It was a bit of a challenge to get the guys holding on to the side put together right, but other than that this was also a really neat kit. I kept all the passengers and pilot loose so I can paint them separate.

After the raider I started on the box of Warriors. These guys have TONS of detail on them. These guys have a two piece torso AND two piece legs. I didn't manage to get them all put together, but they are all cut out so hopefully it won't take much longer.

At this point I am at a loss on how to paint them. I had previously started painting up some Dark Eldar, but the color scheme I choose just doesn't sing to me anymore. I will probably do a few test models and then go from there.

Another item of note that came out this weekend is that in January we will be getting some new Skaven models. There hasn't been any word on what models these will be, but my money is on a Hellpit Abomination and a Plague Claw Catapault. Time will tell on this