Ex Illis Releases the Emissarius

Ex Illis has finally released their giant demon model that was on show a while back. Here is the press release -

Can you feel the ground shaking under your feet? The Emissarius is being summoned to join the battle!
Ex illis upcoming and highly anticipated release is right around the corner!
The Emissarius is a huge monster armed with a scythe as big and impressive as the beast. It can kill amazing amounts of foes in range, though its hits are quite inaccurate. Its arsenal does not stop there since the creature can also throw big stones picked on the ground, as movable artillery. And its cries are so terrifying that their effect is instantaneous on the whole battlefield.
 Look for it at your local gaming store! We are setting him loose October 29th! Beware.
In the meantime, try Ex illis for free during 30 days! www.ex-illis.com

This model is really sharp looking and fantastically large. I have been impressed with the quality of the other Ex Illis models that I have had a chance to look at, and this one looks to take it a step further.