Who Needs Magic Anyway

Finished up my Rune Lord and thought I would share. For those of you that don't know dwarfs, they don't use magic (per say). Dwarfs rely on their rune lords to help mitigate the magic from opponents. He may not look too tough. In fact, he has so many rune trinkets, tokens, and medallions he would jingle when he walks. Don't get me started on how he avoids tripping over
his never ending beard. I didn't notice until I primed him, but he comes equipped with stein and pipe. Nice nod to dwarf character.
Despite his appearance, on the battlefield Rune Lords can dish up some serious rune-based nastiness. One of my favorites is the rune that takes a power die and gives it to my dispel die pool in the enemy magic phase. It would be hard to play a game as dwarfs without one of these little fellas.