Dark Eldar Rumors and Pics

Well the time is almost here - Dark Eldar are going to be out before we know it.

This week we have had an actual-to-goodness picture drop of the new models, as well as some new rumors. First up is the picture of the new Incubi models -

As blurry as this pic is the models are looking slick. I am reminded of the Tyranid Lictor when looking at the tubes on the back and I like it.

As far as rumors go The Dark Eldar Kabal has it summed up pretty nicely -

3 blisters, 2 metal boxes, 6 plastic kits, our much anticipated codex and a final surprise in the form of a specialty item code most often given to something like themed dice or resin terrain.
That is really all we know. There have been other rumors here and there - all weapons poisoned, Raider/Ravager variants, Harlequins, Avatars - but nothing concrete has come out just yet. This weekend is Games Day UK and the line is supposed to be officially unveiled there so expect rumors and pics galore to be popping up after this weekend.