New Dark Eldar Rumors

This latest round of Dark Eldar rumors comes to us from over at The Dark Eldar Kabal.
New Codex
3 metal blisters
*New Drazhar
*New Mandrakes
*New Decapitator Mandrake champion model
2 metal boxes
*New Talos
*Fallen (Stiking Scorpion)Phoenix Lord Arhra (Founder of the Incubi)
6 plastic boxes
*New Archon / Dracon / Wych Dracite kit lots of options
*New Plastic Warriors
*New Plastic Wytches
*New Grotesques plastic kit (they look more like DE Posessed (like the chaos kit) not zombie looking
*New reaver Jetbikes
*New Raider / Ravager Kit (can make either vehicle from this one kit)
Later planed plastic in early 2011 are New Scourges and Hellions kits
Mid 2011 New metal Incubi and Warp Hounds box, New Plastic Asdrubael Vect kit
Shhhh don't tell anyone I leaked this out I could get fired.
Codex will also be very similar to the latest incarnations. It will have a unique character that can be upgraded for a squad.
Each DE squad has a base cost of 80pts
Raider base cost will be 70pts and will not include a DL

This looks to be pretty much inline with the rumors that we are seeing as far as number and type of box set and blister that are going to be released. I haven't seen anything solid on the rules yet, but I figure it is only a matter of time.