Blood Bowl Team Manager Announced

The Games Workshop IP games just keep on rolling out from Fantasy Flight Games. Today we have the announcement of Blood Bowl Team Manager. This is a deck building card game and for some strange reason I am REALLY excited about this.

The gist of it is you play out a whole season in about an hour. Here is the blurb from the website -

Fantasy Flight Games has announced Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game, designed by Eric M. Lang and Corey Konieczka, a standalone game of deck-building action that takes 2-4 players through the cutthroat excitement of an entire Blood Bowl season, all in about an hour.
You’re the coach, and you’ll customize your deck by grabbing the best new draft picks, or employ devious tactics to take your opponent’s Star Players out of the game...for good.
We’re calling every armchair quarterback who thinks they can lead a rowdy group of some of the roughest, toughest creatures in the Old World to victory…your time has come!

There isn't much information out there on it yet, but I am hoping for something akin to Dominion as far as the deck building goes.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on any new news on this.