Which Ork Units are the Best?

A few weeks back Imperius Dominatus ran an article talking about which Ork units they though were the best. Since I have been playing my Orks here lately I decided to chime in on this topic.

While I agree with most of the entires on the list over at Imperius Dominatus, there are a few that just don't cut the mustard for me.

Here is my choice of best units in the Ork Codex

1. Ork Warboss on Bike - This guy ends up costing quite a bit more than a Warboss on foot, but the benefits you get from the bike are just a steal - you get a 4+ armour save, 4+ cover save (even while sitting still), +1 Toughness, and you get to move like a bike. The Bike upgrade is just a no-brainer for this guy - even if you are going to run him in a mob on foot.

2. Ork Nobz on Bike - The infamous Nob Bikerz. Some say they have lost their bite but I disagree! Everytime I use these guys in a game they just grow on me more and more. Half of one game I played I forgot they had Feel-No-Pain from the Painboy and they were still hard as nails. Even if there are units out there that can counter this unit (Psyker Battle Squads being the biggie) they are still something that has to be dealt with and will draw a ton of fire.

3. Killa Kans - What's this? Killa Kans this high up the list? That's right they are! I just love these guys. For around 115 points you get a unit of three walkers that can't be hurt by Bolter fire, have six S 6 templates a round (Grotzookas), and have a total of nine S 10 Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon attacks on the charge. These guys have really worked well for me but there is a trick to it. The trick is - don't shoot. Well why am I taking the Grotzooka instead of the cheaper big Shoota? The answer is hordes - these guys will mess up hordes, I don't want to get into hand to hand with a giant mob of stuff that will mob me down, so I will shell them to death with my Grotzooka shots instead.

4. Shoota boys in Trukk - These guys are really under-rated and often times will get ignored for some of the bigger and juicer units out there. The reason I like the Shoota boys better is that this configuration gives me a bit of mobile firepower - something this list is sort of lacking. I like to hold these guys in reserve and drive onto the board 18". This means that their second turn on the board will give them a huge range of targets to either shoot or assault. Or shoot and assault - whatever floats your boat. The unit is still plenty choppy since the Orks have 2 attacks a piece base - throw in a Nob with a Klaw and you have a fairly decent tank hunting unit.

5. Lootas - These guys are a bit further down my list than most. People just seem to really love Lootas, but I only find them so-so. Don't get me wrong - they are a nice unit - but not for what you think. Most people laud them as the ultimate in long range anti-tank for Orks, for me they just don't quite cut it. I never have any luck with them - they are just too random. I find them better using them to mess with my opponents head. If you deploy them right they are a unit that will be very tempting to your opponent - maybe even making them shoot at them instead of some of the juicier/more killy units in the army.

6. Boss Snikrot - I never run this guy (don't have the points) but I just love him. I have played against Snikrot once before, and he just destroyed me. I love the fluff, I love the model, and I love the rules - what isn't to love about this guy?

7. Big Mek with Kustom Force Field - And lastly we have the Big Mek with Kustom Force Field. This guy is nice to have, but there are other units I would rather have (six of them to be exact.) I will usually field this guy in smaller points games where I am not taking as many Nob Bikers - he helps my units stay alive and will draw a bit of fire as my opponents try to get rid of him. He would place higher up this list if I ran more transports or a couple of Battlewagons, but as I don't he is where he is.

That wraps up my opinions on the best Ork units in the game. Now I just might have to write about the worst...