Patriot Games, an experience

I saw Big_D's post on Patriot Games and figured i'd follow in his fashionable shoes. Had a great time. This was actually my first 2 day event and I think it really says something when a two day, 30+ person event runs smoother than an afternoon tourney with less than 10 in attendance. Kudos to all the staff and everyone involved.

I think my list is around the boards, but if not then here ya go: DP of nurgle, lash sorcerer, 7 zerks w/ pfist and a rhino x2, 7 plague marines w/ pfist and a rhino x2, 2 oblits x2, a predator, and 2x summon lesser squads.

Game 1: I drew Blood Angels in the opening round. Little worried about the new dex since I had played against it a single time and only ran it a few times. Mission was straight KP and there were a smattering of KP related bonus points. The game swung my way early, but eventually the Sanguinininininininor and Dante made it to my side of the board and paced it back. I managed to get him down to only having the Sanguinor on the board, but due to the scenario I only picked up a minor bonus point and walked away with 16 points.

Take away: Blood Angels are a scalpel army and have to be played with a lot of finesse. Had a good opponent and I even found myself cheering for the Sanguinor by the last round.

Game 2: I moved from the smallest army at Patriot to one of the larger: Bad Moonz Orks. I ran Orks for 2 years and never played a game against them. Ever. In the time since, never played Orks. First time to bat i'm facing a four battlewagon deff-rolla-fest (after the FAQ, mind you!). The mission was Capture and Control. I managed to babysit my objective with summoned lesser daemons and pull him off his objective. I would have gotten both objectives, but in an epic roll a single loota held from his 7 man combat loss by double 1ing it. 15 points in game two. JDScherry has done a great job slapping that much yellow on his models and really needs to be commended - look for the soon to be coming pictures.

Take away: Even though people beat up on orks across the internet, they have a lot of fight and they are never out of tricks.

Game 3: I moved up the tables to face our very own Big_D. Since all of the Hogs were 2-0 at this point it was destined that we would start clashing. Big_D runs a killa kan wall backed up by 2 units of Nob Bikerz. This game was a slug out. The mission had us placing two objectives at the end of our respective first turns and we could only score the objectives our opponents placed. This game was turning every round. I got an early panic on a unit of Bikerz and ran them off the board. The next turn he dumped all of his dakka into my DP and finally did the job with his last shot: a farking grotzooka. I managed to tie up the other nob squad by lashing them into terrain, repeatedly, and I killed the rest of his scoring units. The game ended as a straight 11 point draw. Each of us got to one of the objectives and camped.

Take away: WAAAGH!!! Again, the orks always seem to have the ability to stay in the fight. 9 killa kans are a hilarious moving wall of metal.

Game 4: First game of day 2 and I drew the infamous Littleboyblues. Clearly he is an artist, not a good player so I tabled him. Immediately. Turn one. No...not really....Game four was an awful scenario that I lost before I had even moved. One objective in the center of the table. You get a point if you control it at the [u]end[/u] of your turn. He went first, got his token, and parked his entire Ragnar landraider, 5 rhino, 30 grey hunter army on top of it. I spent 4 turns contesting the middle of the board only to have it make no difference as I couldn't push his entire army back a turn to score. 4 point loss. Littleboyblues and I had a fun game, pushed men around, rolled dice, and had shots of jack as our breakfast dessert.

Take away: Sometimes you have a rough scenario, but that's no excuse to give your opponent a bad game. I'm also definitely thinking that the Space Wolves got a bigger power push than Blood Angels in the last set up codex updates.

Game 5: Drew fletch for an almost mirror-match. He had less berzerkers, more men, and Abbadon. This was a KP scenario but only scoring units counted for Kill points. We knew we weren't playing for table 1 so we had another push men, roll dice game. We each managed to destroy a single troop out of each other's army for the draw. I don't want to make it sound boring - we wrecked a lot of face, but it was mostly vehicles, elites, and heavy support. 10 point draw for us there.

Take away: Not a lot here. Solid game, good opponent, and a great way to wind down the day.

All in all, good fun. Sadly, I didn't place this year with a 2-1-2, but for my first two day event I really learned how to push all the juice out of my Chaos Codex. Hope to see everyone out next year!