Throne of Skulls Tournament Pack Released

The Throne of Skulls Tournament Pack from Games Workshop has been released. You can check it out here -

I just downloaded the pack and read through it and it is really interesting. It almost feels like these events will be much more of a hobby tournament than a competitive event. The main reason that makes me think this is how the overall winner is determined. It isn't the player with the highest points, it is the player who has the greatest margin of victory over similar armies. That sounds really confusing but it is like this - if the average points of all Space Marine players was six, and you scored fifteen point, you would have a margin of victory of nine. A Daemon player might have had sixteen points, but the average score amongst Daemon players was ten, then the Daemon player would only have a margin of victory of 6 thereby knocking them out of the running for best overall.

I have already seen a whole bunch of hate for this format and I expect to see much more in the following weeks, but I like it. I think it will do a good job of promoting players to bring different armies to events other than the flavor of the month. I think with a bit of tweaking (I didn't see anywhere for a paint score to be entered) this will do great things for the hobby.

The way that I have always though it should be done is 1/3 of your score be battle, 1/3 of your score be painting, and 1/3 of your score be sportsmanship. This breaks a tournament down into all three areas of the hobby being equally represented. Who knows, I may have to have a go at holding an event like this one day...