Hordes / Warmachine Rules Primer from Yes The Truth Hurts

Yes The Truth Hurts has a real solid overview of the Warmachine / Hordes rules. Here is a real rough breakdown of the turn orders -

The first thing you'll notice when reading over some of the rules is that Warmachine is not a game played in phases, bar the most cursory usage of the term. The basic breakdown is between three main phases: Maintenance, Control, and Activation. The Maintenance phase, in a lot of games, doesn't even come up - as it's only purpose is to resolve continuous effects or certain (very uncommon) special rules. The Control Phase is the true beginning of tactics, and it's here that Warcasters get Focus, Warlocks siphon Fury, and the general resource management aspect of the game comes into effect. This phase is often very difficult for newer players to grasp the ramifications of, as poor allocation or siphoning can seriously obstruct (if not destroy entirely) even the most solid list you can make.

You can read the rest of the article over at Yes The Truth Hurts.