Pre-Heresy Themed Death Guard using Chapterhouse Studios Heresy Helmets

After receiving in a couple of sets of the Heresy style heads from Chapterhouse Studios I got to work modeling up a unit of troops using these heads. I decided to use them for a unit of Death Guard since the respirators and spikes just look Nurgley to me - kind of like the old school Pith Helmet Plague Marines.

Since I didn't have a box of Chaos Space Marines on hand, I ended up using a box of loyalist Space Marines. Since I was wanting to focus on the heads, I decided to not do any conversion work on the models and let the heads and paint job carry the theme.

I decided to arm these guys with 7 regular troops, two special weapons, and an Aspiring Champion with a Powerfist. I usually just throw a Bolter on my Aspiring Champions and call it good, but I have had such good luck running combi-weapons (mostly the Combi Melta flavor) with my Imperial Fists, that I decided to model one up for this unit. Converting the Combi Melta was pretty easy. In the past I have done a quick and dirty conversion, but I decided to spend a bit more time on this one.

 Simply cut off the barrel of a Bolter, the barrel of a Melta Gun, and position as such.

Next cut off the tank and glue it in place. Easy as that.

In order to give myself maximum flexibility, I magnetized the Aspiring Champion. To do this I simply drilled a 1/16" hole in the hand and the bottom of the weapon, and then inserted a small rare-earth magnet. Easy as that.

Once everything was assemlbed and properly converted it was time to paint. I started off with a base of black primer, and then used an airbrush to basecaot the models with Dheneb Stone. I then picked out the trim in Catachan Green and painted the weapons with a dry-brush of Dwarf Bronze.

After everything was good and dry I applied some weathering using Chaos Black and Boltgun Metal. I then applied a heavy wash of Devlan Mud. After the wash dried I started weathering the model. I first applied a nice base of rust using Vallejo Red Orange mixed with Devlan Mud. I then built up a few layers of rust with Mig Rust Effects.

The last step was to base and seal the models and here they are -