Daemonhunters - Power Armoured Grey Knight Squad

A few weeks back I showed you a Grey Knight that I had painted up. Since then I have finished an entire squad.

These guys were really fun to paint. The models are getting a bit old but still stand out as some of the best work that Games Workshop has done in the Warhammer 40k line. The models just have so much detail and personality.

I'm not sure if I got a miscast or if it is just because of the age of the molds, but the Incenerator was a bit bent. I had to use a pair of pliers wrapped in a washcloth to straighten it out without bending it.

I am really liking the way these guys are turing out so far. I hope to have a pretty good force painted up by the time the new Codex comes out, which at this point is looking like either August-September, or early next year.