Warhammer Invasion - Three Player Variant

This weekend Jester, Monkey, and I got in a three player game of Warhammer Invasion. Since the rule book doesn't go into any detail on playing games with more than one player we came up with our own set of rules (well rule actually) - you attack to your right.

This simple addition made it very interesting. You had to pay attention to everything going on and it kept you from ganging up on anyone.

Here is how our game went down -

Jester had the High Elves, Monkey had Empire, and I played the stalwart Dwarves. The game started out pretty slow, a few attacks here and there but mostly we built up a few defenses and got our resources and cards flowing. Monkey managed to get a Temple to Taal out early and this proved to be a game changer. This card lets you add a number of hammers equal to the number of developments you have in a zone to a card. Monkey played this in his battle field and promptly beat me to death.

I had managed to but a beating on one of Jesters quest zones before I went out and Monkey had a bit of damage spread about. Both players had built up pretty solid defenses - the elves had lots of healing and the Empire had some damage redirection/crenelation cards in play - and the game really slowed down.

Over several turns neither player took any real damage - but when they finally did it came in big chunks. As the game moves on it seems harder and harder to nickel and dime your opponent - instead you have to relay on massive output and hope your opponent can't cancel it all.


In the end not even Jesters wiping all creatures off the board was able to stave off defeat as Monkey was able to deal enough damage using his Temple to Taal along wtih a Hellblaster Volley Gun to seal the deal and win the game.

From what I have seen two player games tend to be much more slowed and though out. When you start adding more players into the mix it gets a bit chaotic and your plans just can't work as smooth since there is so much that can happen.

Has anyone else played this game very much with either two or more players? How did it go for you playing with more than two players?

Also! Over at this page you can find a link to some tournament rules as well as the FAQ.