Rogue Trader Review - Forsaken Bounty

It's been a while since I talked about Rogue Trader on here. Today I am going to be going over the introductory adventure for Rogue Trader - Forsaken Bounty. You can download this adventure from Fantasy Flight Games at this link (you might have to be registered, but it's free.)

WARNING - If you haven't played this adventure and plan too you probably don't want to read all of this. I tried my best to leave out any spoilers but I do go over the general flow of the adventure. It is just the basic introductory mission so there isn't much to it, but I did want to warn you.

First up we have the whole "What is a roleplaying game" spchiel that is at the start of every RPG book ever written. After that we move into the pre-generated characters. It looks like we have a pretty standard set of characters for this adventure - A Rogue Trader, Arch-militant, and a Seneschal. The Rogue Trader appears to be a hybrid Face/Melee character, the Arch-militant is a ranged weapon user, and the Seneschal is a ranged weapon/tech user/knowledge character. All look to be pretty run of the mill - nothing really wacky going on with them - just right for new players.

The next section of the adventure is a brief run-down of the rules. You get a description of the skills, talents, and combat. It would be worth reading through this section if you aren't already familiar with the Rogue Trader / Dark Heresy system or if you just want a refresher.

After this section we get to the meat of things - the adventure.

The general plot of the adventure is that there is a ship floating out in the void and the players need to go salvage it to increase their wealth and influence. Seems pretty straight forward and easy. The catch is, theres always a catch, that it is floating in The Maw - a dangerous section of space home to all kinds of nasty things.

The ship the party is to salvage was wrecked when a Navigator inadvertently activated a powerful warp artifact - The Psycharus Worm. It is a bronze maggot that when exposed to the warp unleashes evil - it can raise the dead and animate the never living. Apparently the navigator survived and is waiting for a chance to escape.

After traveling through The Maw the players find the ship adrift in a field of debris. They have to take a shuttle over to it or risk damaging their ship.

The players make their way through the ship and eventually get to some combat. Without giving away too much the combat is pretty straight forward with an added danger. There are some minions and a leader type character along with an environmental danger.

After a brief fight the players must flee the area due to the environmental danger. They have a few more scuffles and eventually meet some resistance. From here the players figure out the key to defeating the master and must face him. A few more skill based encounters later and the players meet the BBEG for a final show down.

If the players are victorious they get some rewards and XP and that wraps up the introductory adventure.

I really like the way the published adventures handle XP and rewards. In Rogue Trader you don't keep up with individual wealth - it is all abstract. So your reward can increase or decrease your wealth rating depending on what actions you took during the adventure. If you do something stupid it can lower your wealth or ship rating (trying to ram your ship into the debris field is NOT a good idea.)

All in all this a very simple adventure that runs like it is on rails. Not something that I would really want to run in the middle of an ongoing campaign, but one that would be perfect for an introductory adventure after a session of making up characters.