A Few Warhammer Fantasy Forge World Rumors

Saw these Warhammer Fantasy Forge World Rumors and thought I would post them along. From Deff Mekz at Warseer -

Some rumours for you all.
The big 4 races (Empire, Dwarves, WOC, Orcs and Goblins) will be getting releases along with lots for Skaven.
They will be doing Chaos Dwarves, however it may take a long time as they want to do the project justice.
40k Warhound Titan sized miniatures are being discussed.
Conversion packs will be done for armies, however they will only relate to the new releases. ie; Like they do for IA.
The company will be more focussed on big monsters never seen before, so we probally won't see any small creatures, except for mounts, like trolls.
If they release books they will be based on historic battles. eg; The Fall of Solland.
Hope that helps some people, it's not much I know but it's all I've got. Cheers, Deff

Troll Mounts? I'm game!

Other than that everything looks to be in line with what we know so far - Chaos Dwarves are coming, but it is going to be a good while.

With all the new rumors for the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition rulebook the large creatures make sense - there are a few rumors of there being multiple scenarios and special settings in there - I know that boats have been seen - so who's to say there isn't a scenario with a big sea monster or something?