Ork Big Daddy Conversion

Having been inspired by Big Boss Gargrim over at The Warforge I decided to try my hand at something similar.

It seems like it has been forever since I started on this project. I actually ordered the model that I would need back in August of 2009.

The base of this conversion would be a Hordes Dire Troll Blitzer. This model just looked right for what I was wanting - a huge Ork running amok.

The firs step would be to file off all the embedded rock pieces. While these look good on the original model they just weren't very Orky.

You can see in the above pics that there are crystlars or rock piceces stuck in the skin all over this modl. I used a pair of sprue-clippers to take off most of them and then got after it wtih a Dremel Tool. Once the pieces were filed off I used a fine emery board to smooth out any rough spots.

Next I cut off the hands and assembled the model. Any sensible Ork has a pair of boots so it was time to break out the green stuff.

I was actually very surprised at how well my boots turned out. Most of the green stuff work I do is filling gaps or making something more Chaosy or Nurgley - I rarely do any true sculpting. These boots are very rough, but it for an Ork so it works. I was just happy I got the general shape right.

Feeling good and cocky it was time to model this guy a face. I drew a couple of sketches and looked at some of my Ork models for inspiration and I started sculpting.

Holy Crap!

Ok, so that wasn't going to work.  I don't even know what that is. It is just horrible. Off to dig in the bits box to find something that would work for a giant Ork head - yeah right.

Well what do you know - I found something!

This is an arm joint from an Iron Man toy that I tore apart for some bits a while back. I filled in the gap with green stuff and then stuck it on the body. I figured that this would work and the guy would just now be Big Daddy (from Bio-Shock) themed.

In order to keep the gap from showing so bad on the helmet I filed the green stuff down smooth and then scuffed up the whole helmet to make everything blend together. I then added some weapons and a little grot helper with machine gun - the little guy was just too cute not to use.

At this point all that was left to do was paint this guy up. I painted him just like the rest of my Orks - black primer, Knarloc Green Skin, Boltgun and Brass for the metal, a bit of Macharius Orange, a few different browns for leather, and some Dheneb Stone for any teeth or claws.

After that I applied a heavy wash of Badab Black, paitned the base using my dirt recipe, and then sprayed the model with Testors Dullcote.

This guy is now ready for the table. I am not sure what rules I am going to use for this guy. I might make my own data sheet up for him - some kind of Ork Monstrous Creature would be nice - but until then I will just run him as a Deff Dread.