40k Radio Going Off The Air

From Spencer at 40k Radio -
What a long crazy journey this has been! I want to thank each and everyone who listened to the show. You truly made it an enjoyable experience. Meeting you all at live events or on the chat or on the phone has been amazing. It is something I will never forget. In light of recent threats to myself and my family I have decided to close down the show. I did not start this to allow people a platform to attack my family. This is a show about little toy men….moving on little toy worlds. It was supposed to be fun. Personal attacks and threats take that fun away.
I will miss all of you.
Thanks for listening.
The show and all of its contents are for sale. If you are interested please send me an email.

There had been quite a bit of drama over at 40k Radio over the last few weeks. It looks like all the negative feedback has taken it's toll.