New Miniatures from Enigma

Enigma has some new miniatures up on their website.

 The first is Dark Vlad. This guy looks like he would make a fine Vampire Counts or Warriors of Chaos character. You might be able to fit him into a 40k Chaos Space Marines army with a bit of conversion work - throw a bolter in his empty hand and he would fit right in.

 Next is the Trictalion. Not sure about this ones name. Seems kind of forced. Other than that this is a great looking model. This guy would be right at home in a Dark Elf or Lizardman army. Depending on this size you might even be able to use this guy as a Thunderwolf Mount - not sure about the spikes though.

And lastly we have Xargax. I love this guy. He just looks menacing. Again, this guy would go great in a Chaos Warriors army but I also think you could fit this guy into a Space Wolves force - he just looks like a Barbarain or something to me.

I have ordered some Enigma miniatures int he past and I have been really impressed by their quality. These guys all run about $12, but that is without international shipping. Cool Mini or Not has an Enigma store where you can pick up most of the Enigma range stateside without having to pay huge shipping costs.