Grey Knights New Codex Musings

There are lots of rumors out there that are pointing towards Grey Knights getting a codex late this year. There aren't any solid rumors floating around yet on what changes we can expect but I have a few ideas on what I think the new codex will bring.

The biggest change that I predict is the loss of allies - both being able to take allied units in a Grey Knights force and other Imperial forces being able to take Grey Knights as allies. My guess is that Grey Knights will still have access to some Imperial Guard units, just that these units will be statted out and included in the Grey Knight Codex the way that Inquisitorial Stormtroopers currently are.

I also expect there to be a few new units. Currently the Grey Knights book has the fewest amount of units and options without taking allies. There isn't even a fast attack section - just a note in the troops that you can take teleporting Grey Knights as a Fast FOC choice.

One of the new units that everyone is expecting is the Storm Raven. In the new Blood Angels Codex it mentions that Grey Knights has using this transport. Most people are also expecting an official model from Games Workshop to be released for this unit when the Grey Knights ship. What strikes me as being a bit odd is that Grey Knights currently have not Jump Pack marines. Since the Stormraven is able to carry both of these units I am predicting that we see some of these options added to the Grey Knights.

Currently Grey Knights are very restricted in their war gear. They do get access to some neat weapons that only they have access to - Nemesis Force Weapons, Incenerators, and Psy Cannons - but outside of their HQ units, it is really hard to give the Grey Knights special weapons. This is made up for by the Inquisitorial Storm Troopers and Allies. In the new codex I am hoping that the war gear options for the Grey Knights is opened up a bit - come on Combi-Incinerators and Combi-Psycannons!

One area that I think is ripe for change is introducing a new Land Raider, Dreadnought, and Razorback options and variants for the Grey Knights. Forgeworld has several kits for the Grey Knights that are just stunning. The kits for the Land Raider with Incinerators and the Psycannon kits for Razorbacks and Dreadnoughts just look stunning. What about adding in a Land Raider Helios or Land Raider Terminus Ultra to the Codex? That would give them something unique and fun.

Another area that I think is going to change quite a bit is the HQ selections and special characters. I think there will be an overall decrease in Daemon affecting powers. I think that most of the very specific Daemon affecting powers will move to a special character that will either be a beast against Daemons, or will give your army bonuses. I think that instead of the Daemon specific powers there will be more of a move towards more weapons and items that mess with Invulnerable saves. I also think there will be MUCH stouter psychic and shooting defenses in the army - most likely at least as powerful and plentiful as the current Space Wolves anti-ssychic powers as well as an improved Shroud ability - similar but not as powerful as what the Harlequins have.

Well, those are just my guesses and assumptions. I am sure we will start slowly hearing a bit more over the next few months.