Ork Warboss on Warbike Conversion - Painted

In my previous post on this model I showed you the finished conversion. Here are a few shots of my painted converted Warboss on Warbike.

This guy was really fun to paint. Orks have so much character and are supposed to be dirty and grimey - and I can paint some dirt and grime (really about the only thing that I can actually paint well.)

I started out by priming the model black and then drybrushed the whole bike with Boltgun Metal. I then picked out the skin with Knarloc Green, the cloth with Macharius Orange, and a few details with Dheneb Stone, Vallejo Brass, and Red Gore. I left everything dry and then applied a heavy wash of Badab Black.

I painted up the base using my dirt recipe and then glued this bad boy down. Before I had primed the models I used my power drill to drill three holes through the base and into the wheels. This let me sink some pins into the base and through the wheels. When gluing models to a resin base you almost have to pin them or they will pop off .

I can't wait to get this guy on the table. He looks just a bit goofy riding up so high but that is ok - Orks aren't known for their common sense and most definitely favor function over form.